What is our primary purpose at Trinity Perspectives? It’s actually pretty simple, we’re here to help you open the door to more business and close more deals.

We’ve spent years developing our Win Loss Program to remove the guesswork and expose the truth behind why you win or lose key deals … uncovering the truth is just the first step of course. Once we understand what’s driving these decisions, we actively work with you to deliver concrete change and improvement across your entire sales processes and people, so you can win more deals in the future.

We do this through our 4 areas of expertise:

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Discover why you’re winning and losing business from the one source of truth that matters most: Your customers and prospects. Trinity’s Win Loss Program is the missing link in your sales process. It removes the guesswork and provides complete clarity into what matters most to your customers. Discover more →

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Our suite of tools and industry best-practices provide a platform for you to identify and enhance your sales strengths and reduce your weaknesses. Learn more →

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Our training focuses on ‘closing the gap’ between your current sales processes and what your customers actually want and need. By harnessing the power of your customer’s insights, we ensure clear training priorities and lay the foundation for targeted sales transformation activities. Find out how →

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In business, change is often hard and fraught with risk and uncertainty. For that reason, we support you at each step of your sales transformation process, to set the right strategic direction so you can compete with confidence, knowing you’re on track to win more deals. Dig a little deeper →


Cian McLoughlin is a bestselling author, internationally recognised sales expert and keynote speaker who works with and advises businesses all over the world. He delivers keynotes and sales kick-offs on a broad range of business and sales-related topics. No two presentations are the same and each is customised to reflect the specific circumstances of the audience in question. Find out more →

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