I was lucky enough to make the list of Top 100 LinkedIn Sales Voices list again, as curated by Scott Ingram, coming in at number 86 this time. In case it helps with your LinkedIn strategy, I thought I’d unpack a few of the LinkedIn tips I’ve adopted to help shape my content:

  1. Focus on your niche – Although I’ll often tackle different business-related topics, there’s almost always a B2B sales flavour to my content.
  2. Know who you’re writing for – Most of my content is written for senior sales leaders, although I get lots of engagement from sales reps, founders, marketing people and those with a general interest in business.
  3. Have a consistent voice – Are you corporate, are you start-uppy, are you creative? I tend to write the way I speak, try to avoid jargon, acronyms or bland statements and inject some humour where I can.
  4. Engage with people – I really appreciate when people take the time to comment and share their feedback, so I’ll always make the effort to respond and engage.
  5. Provide Value, Don’t Sell – “Nobody wants to be sold to, but everyone wants to be helped” … that’s the philosophy I use to guide my posts.
  6. Go an inch wide and a mile deep – If you want to be known for something, first you have to know something … so really focus on your craft and then share the stuff you understand really well.
  7. Learn from others – I love reading content from people like Justin Welsh, Ben Haber, Dharmesh Shah who consistently share brilliant and thought provoking content.
  8. Be consistent – I don’t necessarily mean every day or always at 10am, but keep showing up and sharing your nuggets of gold.
  9. Ignore the vanity metrics – It can be easy to get excited about posts with lots of engagement or frustrated when you get none, better to focus on building relationships and starting conversations.
  10. Be clear on why you are posting in the first place – Is it to build a following, become a subject matter expert, drive leads or help secure your next job? Whatever the reason, be clear on what is motivating you and keep that in your sights.

Link to the full Top 100 List and to check your own LinkedIn engagement score https://successalyzer.com/

Cian McLoughlin is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of Rebirth of the Salesman, a regular keynote speaker at sales kick-off’s around the world and one of the Top 50 Sales bloggers in the world for the past 2 years. He is a passionate proponent of an ethical, honest and authentic approach to sales. His company, Trinity Perspectives, is committed to helping sales organizations unlock the latent potential of their customers’ insights with their Win Loss Analysis and Sales Transformation services. To read more of Cian’s sales articles visit www.trinityperspectives.com.au/blog

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